Identify several values you think might be the basis of conflict or misunderstanding between leaders and followers.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, I would argue that principally the cause of conflict between a leader and his or her followers can emerge from a number of separate issues. Firstly, a leader must be able to articulate a clear vision and a goal in order to inspire their followers. If the vision or goal changes, this is something that could cause conflict between them. Secondly, leaders by their very nature must be charismatic people with a forceful personality. However, if their personal actions conflict with the image of themselves that they are trying to present and project, this can be a source of conflict. Finally, another possibility is if the leader and what they require from their followers overstretches their power and influence. I am thinking of cult leaders who expect their followers to commit suicide with them. Sometimes, followers find that the magnetism of the leader is not enough to compel them into obedience, and refuse, running away and escaping.