Identify several highly globalized nations.

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In order to think about which countries are highly globalized, let us think about what sorts of factors cause globalization. 

One factor that causes globalization is wealth.  Countries that are quite wealthy tend to become globalized as their companies engage in offshoring and as they import from other countries.  The United States is a major example of this.  So are Japan and Australia in Asia.  Most of the countries of Western Europe are highly globalized as well.

Another factor that causes globalization is the possession of infrastructure.  This can be physical and/or human.  For example, China became highly globalized because it had the infrastructure (things like ports, roads, and electrical power) to attract factories that could produce for export.  As another example, India has more of a human infrastructure.  It has many highly educated people who speak English.  These human resources are a form of infrastructure that makes India another very globalized country.  The Philippines is another country that is globalized in part because of its people’s command of English as a native language.

Finally, there are countries that are globalized due to geographic location.  Jamaica could be seen in this way.  So could countries of Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam, which profit from their proximity to China, Japan, and Singapore.