Identify, research and discuss an example of how technology has affected one aspect of religion

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question cannot be fully answered here as we do not do research for you; however, I can help you find an example which you may research and complete the question.  One aspect of religion which technology has affected is the question of when death occurs.  As many people now lie in hospitals with all the machines which prolong life, does death occur when the machine is breathing for the ill person?  Does it occur when the machine is cleaning the body of poisons which the liver can no longer do?  Does it occur when the brain shows no activity?  Do the machines get turned off when the doctor declares death?  What about the wishes of the patient to NOT be hooked up to machines?  The technology to keep a person technically alive is not the same as the person being able to live.  The issue for the family and the religious beliefs they hold is when to turn off the machines, and if they turn them off, are they doing the right thing?  If they elect to never connect the loved one to machines, are they helping the loved one to the best of their ability?  Does their religion allow them to say no, to allow for organ donation, to allow cremation, to watch the last breaths of someone whose machine has been turned off?  Religion and the ethics of death are a truly difficult topic but one which is so relevant in this society where death is put off as long as possible. I hope this gives you ideas of where you can begin your topic.