Identify the protagonist of "My Side of the Mountain." 

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The main character, or protagonist, of the story "My Side of the Mountain" is Sam Gribley.  When the book begins, Sam is in his early teens.  He comes from a family of 11, so he values alone time a lot.  That is probably one reason why he wants to go off on his big adventure in the wilderness.  His parents must either trust him a lot, or just want one fewer kid to deal with for awhile, because they are more than okay with Sam taking off for the mountains alone.  His dad says that every boy should have one such adventure in his life.  Whatever the reason, Sam goes out to live on his own.  He is a very resourceful young man as well as determined.  I mentioned that he values his alone time and independence, but that doesn't mean he is anti social.  He does make friends while he is staying in the woods, and Sam even has one guy live with him for a week or so.  


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