What is a policy approach used to intervene in the public health problem of depression in older adults?

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juneamy007 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is the government's primary bureau concerning public health, occupies the lead position in consolidating mental health concerns into general healthcare policy. It has finally recognized that a significant number of older adults are known to suffer from some form of depression. 

The CDC's first approach to the problem of depression in senior adults was to compile data that documented the diverse ways in which depression manifested. Then, they proceeded to assist the states in the analysis of information that had been collected concerning this health issue. Additionally, they began to investigate various community-based curricula that proved successful in the treatment of the various types of the illness. Once the agency had identified approaches that evidence showed had positive results, it set up avenues to incorporate these programs into use.

Several programs were set up in various states in order to help promote improved mental health among the older population. The following anacronyms identify a few of these programs.  

  • IMPACT - Improving Mood, Promoting Access to Collaborative Treatment
  • PEARLS - Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives for Seniors
  • IDEAS - Identifying Depression, Empowering Activities for Seniors