Identify the method by which the following six features protect the body: skin, tears, nose, saliva, throat, digestive system.In the body, certain features provide specific protection.

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The skin is a fairly difficult barrier for viruses and bacteria to cross, and is our first line of defense.  Tears not only lubricate the eye, but help it to continually flush out debris.  The nose helps to filter and warm the air that we breathe, not to mention the sense of smell that sometimes allows us to sense danger (fire, etc.).

The throat aids in digestion by releasing enzymes and digestive fluids that protect our gastrointestinal tract.  It also keeps us from swallowing an entire mini-mart burrito in one bite, which is always wise.  The digestive system selects those nutrients, fats and sugars we need to survive, and transforms them into food for our bodies, while eliminating the wastes and foreign, indigestible matter (such as the burrito, again) and therefore keeping it out of our system.

atyourservice | Student

skin: a barrier for bacteria and viruses

tears: keeps the eye clear of dust, fight against bacterial infection

nose: the nose hair stops unwanted particles from entering the lungs

saliva: protects from infections in the mouth

throat: has a flap that separates the esophagus and the trachea, to prevent chocking

digestive system: Provides a way for foreign substance to come in and out of the body without causing an infection