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Identify Mao Zedong and describe his concept of communism.

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Mao Zedong (1893-1976) was one of small group of leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, Mao, along with future Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, were among the party's founders, and both continued to lead the party until their respective deaths, both in 1976.

Mao's ideological precepts were largely in line with Marxist-Leninist dogma but emphasized more than his counterpart in the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, the agrarian nature of Chinese society and of the Chinese economy. While emphasizing the agrarian nature of the country and, by extension, the peasantry, however, Mao did not ignore the ramifications for Chinese society of the industrial revolution (although the state of industrialization in China lagged badly behind that of many other countries). Like Stalin, Mao viewed the survival of the revolution he helped lead and the security of his country as closely tied to industrialization. A lengthy but informative passage from his writings--and Mao's "Little Red Book" of...

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