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Identify the main social impacts of tourism.

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Tourism can have a significant impact on the society of a country or an area that makes tourism its main industry.  This is especially true if the basis of tourism is showing tourists something "exotic."

All tourism has an impact on a society.  It can lead to resentment between the local people and the tourists.  The locals often come to resent the tourists because all of the businesses of the area seem to cater to the tourists and because the tourists can come to treat the locals like specimens in a zoo.

Tourism that offers exotic experiences (as opposed, say, to going to Disneyland or a museum) has even more of an impact.  In this kind of tourism, the destination is expected to cater to the stereotypes that the tourists have.  This forces the locals to, for example, perform "native" dances or such for the tourists.  This may help influence a society to retain various traditional ways of life instead of changing to more modern ways.

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