Identify the main characters the conflict of the story, and then how it is resolved in Numbers 10:11. Israelites leave Siani.

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that you might be mistaken a bit in your question. There is no conflict within this context. In this context, God is giving instructions to the Israelites about himself, various laws, the passover, and how they ought to proceed by following him. For instance, the Israelites should break camp and move when the glory cloud of God moves. In other words, they are called to follow God in Numbers chapter 10.

The first conflict comes in Numbers 12, where Aaron and Miriam criticize Moses for taking a Cushite wife. God sides with Moses and Miriam becomes a leper. Subsequently, Miriam is healed.

The more significant conflict takes place in Nuumbers 13-14. In this context, Moses sends out spies into the Land of Promise. When the spies come back, they bring back a report saying that the people of the land are too strong. They do not think that they can defeat them. Moreover, they grumble against God. The two exceptions are Joshua and Caleb. They trust in God.

The upshot of all this is that God is angry at their lack of faith. So, God will not give this generation the ability to enter into the Promised Land. The only ones that can enter in is Joshua and Caleb. This takes place in the book of Joshua.