Identify Lula, Zeebo and Reverend Sykes.

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Zeebo: Calpurnia's son, leader of songs at First Purchase African ME Church. Literate, lined the music.

Lula: Woman who confronted the children at Calpurnia's church. She made them feel unwelcome and unwanted.

Rev. Sykes: Pastor of the black church, closed the doors until the group could raise 10 dollars more for Helen Robinson.

Aunt Alexandra was waiting at home for the kids. She was there to help Atticus with the kids throughout the summer during the trial, and she also stated she was there to be an influence on Scout, a feminine influence.

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The answer to this question (the identities of these people) can be found in Chapter 12.  This is the chapter in which Calpurnia takes Scout and Jem to the First Purchase Church.  This is the black church in Maycomb.

Lula is the woman who confronts the three of them.  She does not like the fact that Calpurnia has brought the white kids.  She thinks the church should be for blacks only.

Zeebo is the garbage collector.  He welcomes the kids and tells them not to take Lula seriously.

Rev. Sykes is the pastor of the church.

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