Identify the low pressure area, the air masses, the one cold front, and one warm front in the weather map. There are also two air masses to identify. Name the kinds, and where they are on the map.

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On this map, the low pressure area can found near where South Carolina and Georgia meet on the coast. By reading the barometric pressures (the black numbers) we can find this area has the lowest air pressures on the map. Towards the NW into Tennessee is a high pressure system, the numbers beginning with 0's are actually 1000 numbers, however standard practice is to drop the one to save space. 

All air wants to move from higher to lower pressures, and we can see that on this chart. The flags pointing out from each of the different air port weather stations point in the direction air is coming from. This shows all the wind is moving towards the low pressure area as we would expect. 

One air mass (a mass of air with similar temperature and humidity throughout) is moving in from over the ocean and will bring warm humid weather. This is a Maritime Tropical air mass because it starts in a warmer climate over a large body of water. Another is moving from the NW and is carrying much drier and colder air. This is a Continental Polar air mass, cold and dry from having started over a land mass. 

Where an air mass meets another we refer to this as a front. As the MT and CP air masses converge on the low pressure area they bring moving air and weather patterns. The MT, being warmer than the air it is approaching, will be moving slowly and without much of a storm presence. This makes a warm front which bring warmer air and a smattering of rain for a day or two. The CP however is being led by a cold front. This will be much more dense, cold, and usually pushes a storm on its front. The low pressure area will probably have a thunderstorm and a cold night followed by a slow warming with slightly rainy/cloudy skies for a couple of days. 

In the picture I tried to show where everything would be however Paint can only do so much. I hope this helps! 

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