Which literary techniques appear in some of the poems from Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophil and Stella sonnet sequence?

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Astrophil and Stella is a sonnet sequence by Sir Philip Sidney that contains over one hundred sonnets. It is thought that the figure of Astrophil, the speaker, represents Sidney himself and that Stella is a stand-in for Penelope Devereaux, a woman with whom Sidney had a relationship but who ended up marrying another man. We see traditional sonnet form and complex emotions (related to unrequited love) that we would expect in this poems. Sidney also uses apostrophe and figurative language in many of his works. I will isolate just a few of the sonnets as examples: Sonnets 1, 30, and 39.

Sonnet 1 serves as an introduction to the sonnet sequence and encapsulates Astrophil's feelings for Stella. The structure of the poem describes a process, wherein Astrophil will pour out his soul to Stella, that she "might take some pleasure of my pain" (line 2). Here we see the complex feelings often described in sonnets: there is pleasure because the speaker loves the subject and thinks she is beautiful, but...

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