Identify at least four kinds of cancer screening tests about which you think peple will be more likely to call. Why do you think people will call about some of these tests more than others?

Expert Answers
rahelb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some types of cancer screening tests are more common either because they are more routine to be checked for certain groups of people as a common preventative measure or they have a higher rate of occurance and so more people want to be examined for them when they fear they may have symptoms. 

One example is melanoma cancer screening. Sun exposure is extremely common and many people don't use the proper sun protection at the beach or on any day of the year. So when they notice new spots on their skin or moles that are new or have changed shape/ color they have them removed to be screened for melanoma, which is a cancer caused by too much sun exposure.

Another commonly requested cancer screening is a mammography, also called a mammogram. In fact, these are commonly recommended for and requested by women age 50 and older. This screening is usually done every 2 years, but can be requested by a woman if she finds a symptom of breast cancer such as a lump in her breast.

A Prostate-Specific Antigen test is also a type of cancer screening that people are likely to call about because it detects prostate cancer, which is very common in men. 

A Pap test is another cancer screening that is very commonly called about because most women get this type of screening for cervical cancer annually. It is very common and recommended for all women because it is very useful to detect signs of cancer early.