Identify the instances of formalities that Dorothy is treated with in Emerald City

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The presence of Dorothy in Oz is an example of a guest in a strange land.  She never looks at Oz as a home and is not treated as one who is at home in Oz.  The Wizard treats Dorothy is a sense of polite detachment in how he works with she and her guests in order to find happiness.  The Wizard offers her a seat on the balloon with him, but in the end he leaves without her.  The Winkies treat Dorothy and her friends with a sense of reverence.  There is evident distance between them for she is seen as a type of liberator of them.  In this, Dorothy is treated with formality and again, a sense of distance.  In this, I think that Dorothy find herself understanding that part of the reason she wishes to go home is because there is more emotion waiting for her there.  When Auntie Em runs out to greet her upon her return, there is a redemption in emotion, something of warmth and care that helps to define Dorothy's state of being.  While her journey was filled with many positive moments, the emotions of redemption are only present when she returns back to Kansas, indicating that the treatment one receives as being a guest is much different than what one receives when they are at home.

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