Identify how the issues of due process and just cause are linked to employer disciplinary actions.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The issues of due process and just cause are linked to employers’ disciplinary actions because the employers must have disciplinary procedures that ensure that their employees are disciplined for just reasons and only after the correct procedures have been followed.  This is ethically the right thing to do and it is also economically better for the firm so that they do not get sued.

If a firm does not worry about just cause and due process, it is too likely to hand down discipline based simply on personal factors.  A boss is likely to find fault with and to punish an employee just because they do not like that employee.  In the modern world, this is likely to lead to a lawsuit because it might well appear that the boss is discriminating against the employee based on something like sex or race.

Making sure that discipline is carried out in a just and systematic way is also better for the firm’s performance.  Employees who feel sure that they will be treated fairly are more likely to have high morale than those who feel they work for an arbitrary and capricious firm.  This will make them more productive than they would be if the disciplinary system were not so just.

Thus, it is financially beneficial as well as ethically correct to have just cause and due process.  This is the major link between these issues and employers’ disciplinary actions.