Identify and give a brief description of four key requirements for a healthy diet for adolescents.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would think that the dietary guidelines for adolescents must include an educational component to it.  Adolescents need to understand why they are ingesting what they are taking in their bodies and also understand the dangerous of malnutrition in their diets. They also need to understand the implications for future health  For example, adolescents need to understand that poor Calcium intake during adolescents could result in poor bone structure and substantiation as they get older.  I would also think that most adolescent diets have to control the excesses that come with the age.  Minimizing "snacking" on unhealthy foods or teaching them how to snack properly might be part of a set of dietary guidelines.  Instead of reaching for a candy bar, teaching adolescents to reach for fruit or cheese is vitally important.  When thirsty, drinking water over carbonated drinks is another essential element.  The idea of providing balance in a diet and to ensure that there is sufficient representation of vitamin intake as well as education as to why these eating habits are so important are essential to any adolescent diet.