Identify four similarities between Dunstan's fight with Diana and his fight with Liesl in Fifth Business.

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There are deliberate parallels between the fight that Dunstan has with Diana and then the fight he has much later on in his life with Liesl. Both fights involve Dunstan doing exactly the same action on Diana and Liesl, where he repeats the action of his namesake, St. Dunstan, when he caught the nose of the devil who had come to tempt St. Dunstan in the form of a beautiful woman. Dunstan seizes the noses of both Diana and Liesl, and twists them, somewhat more strongly in the case of Liesl:

...seized her nose between the fingers of the other, and gave it such a twist that I thought I heard something crack.

In addition, both fights end with Dunstan being friends with Diana and Liesl, and also he is significantly helped as a result of the fight. For example, Diana gives him a new name and Liesl speaks truth to Dunstan that he sorely needs to hear, so much so that he talks of "the aftermath of healing tenderness" following his fight and lovemaking with Liesl. Both fights are similar therefore in that they are highly significant moments in Dunstan's life, acting as important milestones, giving him a new start and a second birth through the fight with Diana, and then acting as a powerful healing moment through the fight with Liesl. Dunstan proves that having fights with women does not necessarily need to be a negative thing.

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