Identify and explain the significance of  the Bantu  the Maya Cyrus the Achaemenid 

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Of the three names that you give here, two are the names of peoples while one is the name of an individual.

The Bantu are a people who make up a large number of ethnic groups in Africa.  The Bantu are bound together by a common language family. The Bantu originated in West Africa, around what is now Cameroon and Nigeria.  They eventually spread out across sub-Saharan Africa.  They came to dominate that entire region.  Thus, the Bantu are the people who are most prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa today.

The Maya comprise a number of groups of people in Central America and Southern Mexico.  They are similar to the Bantu in that they are bound by similarities of language and cultural history.  The Maya are the descendants of the people who had the greatest empire in American in pre-Spanish times.  The Mayan civilization existed from around 2000 BCE until the Spanish came to the New World around 1500 CE.  The height of this civilization was in the Classic Period, which lasted from about 250 CE to 900 CE.

Cyrus the Achaemenid is more commonly known as Cyrus the Great.  He was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire.  This empire centered in Persia and controlled all of the civilizations of the Near East.  Cyrus created the empire in 550 BCE and it continued to exist until about 330 BCE when it fell to Alexander the Great.  The Achaemenid Empire was very large, stretching from the borders of Greece to the borders of India.  Thus, Cyrus is important for having created one of the great empires of the ancient world.