Identify and Explain a Key Relationship presented in the Text/Film. How does this Relationship change throughout the Text/Film?

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writergal06 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The key relationship is between Edward and Bella. At first it is based on a curiousity between the two - Edward can't read Bella's mind, which disturbs him, and Bella feels Edward dislikes her for no reason, which angers her. As the book progesses, it develops into a love relationship, in which Edward is very proctective of Bella and Bella is very eager to become a permanent part of Edward's world. Obviously there are complication along the way, but this is the central relationship driving the action of the book and movie.

udonbutterfly | Student

Bella and Edwards relationship is the most important relationship in both the film and text. The relationship starts off really cold. Edwards was trying to run away from Bella because her scent was just too much for him and in doing so Edward sort of offended Bella. So Bella believes that Edward does not like her until he mysteriously saves her from the car crash then her curiosity is piqued. Then Edward starts to lead Bella on which she takes in with glee. Edward then accepts the fact that he has fallen for Bella and Bella reciprocates his feelings so they begin date!

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