Kiss of the Spider Woman

by Manuel Puig
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Identify the purpose of deferred information in Puig's Kiss of the Spider Woman.

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Deferred information is important in the drama.  I think that the idea of Molina wanting to defer information from the authorities about Valentin is significant.  Molina takes action on a political level in his desire to defer giving information to the authorities about Valentin.  It might not be the type of political action that Valentin would like to see, but it is a start in that deferring information is denying an unjust authority.  In this, the action of deferring authority is highly significant.  Outside of this, the idea that the information that Molina carries with him on the outside is deferred is significant, as well.  Molina is never able to relay the information that Valentin gives to him.  This is significant because it shows both the futility of political action in that what Valentin the political revolutionary wanted was never able to be accomplished.  The deferral of information also becomes significant because it shows how the desire for political activism reduces the uniqueness of one's life.  Molina is killed because both sides in the desire for political control extinguish his life.  The authorities follow him and the revolutionaries cannot endure the risk of being followed.  It makes sense that the information would be deferred in this setting to bring out the idea that political construction of reality is one in which individuals are not always authenticated or treated as ends in of themselves.  This would only be feasible if the information was deferred.  I think that the final point of significance here is that in Molina's films and his artistic renderings of life, information is always readily communicated and is not deferred.  Characters declare their intentions readily and openly.  Yet, in reality, Puig shows that the deferral of reality makes it more painful and difficult.  Hence, while Valentin derides Molina's artistic view of consciousness, it is one that is more rewarding, reminding us that art can be meant to transform and transcend reality more than political activism might be able to.

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