Identify the elements of surrealism in Kafka's shortstory "a Country Doctor". Thanks a million.

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Kafka's short story "A Country Doctor' is all surreal except for the rape of Rosa from which he distances himself.  The doctor begins hi stale by telling the reader that he needs a horse to go and see a sick patient.  He mentions sending his servant girl after one.  No is found so they go into the stable where a man is on all fours pretending to be a horse.  The man wants to rape Rosa which he later does.

Kafka demonstrates the doctor’s lack of assistance to the girl and the doctor's own guilt at not having done anything to protect he girl.  He had been aware that the event would happen, but he allowed it to happen.  In addition, the doctor fails to find the wound on his patient rendering him as incompetent.

To note the surreal aspect in the story one must also look at the horses that are described as 'Unearthly horses."  The doctor rides around mentally with the horses as he is contemplating the villagers now present dislike of the doctor.  The doctor is confused because he thinks that the people should have rusted his opinion.  However, they did and he did not cure the boy.

"Take the word of honour of a medical doctor.”

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