Identify the following as a hyperbole (H), metaphor (M), onomatopoeia (O), personification (P) or simile (S). Unsought, the load of memory jettisoned- this time bringing only recognition and sudden joy.- From “The Sojourner”

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A metaphor is a comparison saying that something is something else. You cannot literally jettison memory.  Memory does not exist as a physical thing that can be shot off.  A simile, on the other hand, would use the word like or as in the comparison.

A hyperbole is an exaggeration.  The purpose of hyperbole is to create strong emotion.  Say your mother says to you, “CLEAN THAT PIGSTY OF YOUR ROOM!”  Your mother does not really mean that your room has pigs living in it.  She means that it is messy, and she is hoping that by comparing you to a pig she will get you emotionally involved and you will want to clean your room.

Onomatopoeia is the use of words with meanings closely associated with their sounds, such as buzz, bang and creek.

Personification is when something is compared to a person by being described like a person.  For example, if it said that the memory ran away that would be personification.

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