What are two aspects of "Under the Feet of Jesus" that reflect and influence Estrella and her family's socio-economic circumstances?

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Estrella’s parents were migrant workers, which attested to the economic situation that forced the family to travel in the first place. The family was likely motivated by poor living conditions and the associated struggles, which ultimately forced them to seek better opportunities by migrating. This not only influenced their decision to move around looking for work but also reflected their economic situation.

It was always a question of work, and work depended on the harvest, the car running, their health, the conditions of the road, how long the money held out, and the weather, which meant they could depend on nothing."

The family was also forced to rely on child labor to sustain their survival, not only as migrant laborers but also as non-citizens. Estrella was the eldest of Petra’s children and she was only thirteen. Despite the fact that she was a child, she still worked the fields together with her step father and brothers, Ricky and Arnulfo. The decision to allow the children to work was influenced by their economic situation. This also reflected a struggling family that required all the members to engage in money generating activities in order to survive.

Don’t let them make you feel you did a crime for picking the vegetables they’ll be eating for dinner. If the stop you, if they try to pull you into the green vans, you tell them the birth certificates are under the feet of Jesus, just tell them.

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