Identify and discuss five examples of imagery in "Winter Dreams" that convey the emotional intensity of Dexter and Judy's entanglement.

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I love that word "entanglement" as a description of Judy and Dexter's relationship. It's perfect for them: Judy keeps drawing Dexter in with her charms and beauty, filling his head with thoughts of marrying her, and then pushing him away while she gets involved with other men. Helplessly lovesick, Dexter willingly lets her do all this. And the intensity of their on-again, off-again liaison is beautifully conveyed by Fitzgerald's use of imagery. Let's check out some examples.

1. "It was a mood of intense appreciation, a sense that, for once, he was magnificently attune to life and that everything about him was radiating a brightness and a glamour he might never know again."

Here's an example of imagery so vibrating with intensity that it's not even focused on any particular object. Dexter imagines himself as surrounded by "brightness" and "glamour" as Judy approaches him from the water. His entire world is humming with light and beauty because she's in it.

2. "Early in their acquaintance it...

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