identify the difference between Nestorians and Manichauism?From the book Old world encounters by Jerry bentley

npoore84 | Student

Nestorianism is Christian heresey that developed in the Church in the 5th century. It originiated out of an attempt for theologians to explain and understand the incarceration of the second member of the Trinity, Jesus Christ. The religion of Nestorianism teaches that the human and divine parts of Christ are separate and that there are two people who reside in Jesus Christ: the divine Logos and the human form of Christ. They do not believe in such language that God was crucified because the human form of Christ was the one crucified. 

Manichaeism was found by the Persian Man in the later half of the 3rd century. Manichaeism taught about an elaborate cosmology defining the distinct differences between good and evil. It also goes into detail about the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light and an evil material world of darkness. It contains elements of Christianity, Buddhism, and Zorastrianism.