Identify and describe three factors necessary to ensure efficient circulation of fluid to all body cells.

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is a need for the body to be efficiently filled with enough fluid so it can be able to function normally. There should only be enough fluid, not less and not more to maintain the homeostasis. There are factors that affect the circulation of the fluid in the body.

  • How much is taken? We need to take in at least 8 glasses of water in order for perform well. Water is needed in the body for certain reasons such as transport, thermoregulator and dissolution. The amount of water needed also affect the amount of water to be released. Constant supply is needed to be replenished in the cells as the body releases fluid through respiration and excretion. 
  • How much is lost? Water is needed in order remove some of our waste in the body. The more fluid is lost, the more concentrated the cell is going to be. This will affect the growth and functions of each cell.
  • What is the content? We may be taking in water every day but the content of which can affect the good circulation of fluid. 
  • Organs and organ system should be working well. Our bodies utilize the water so it can be of help in our growth. However, if our body organs are not functioning well, the circulation of fluid is affected. We should ensure to have good body condition to ensure that there is a goof fluid flow in the body. Our kidneys for example can be bloated with water if not treated thus can be detrimental. 

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