Identify and describe at least 2 popular fashion trends/elements from the Northern Renaissance era in this portrait. King Charles IX. of France, 1566

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Popular Renaissance fashion trends are evident in his hair, the color of his clothes, the decoration on his clothes, his hat, and the paning in his clothes.

The elaborate hats of the Medieval period were traded for flat berets and French bonnets. He is wearing a French bonnet as it has a turned up brim instead of the brow encircling band of the beret. It is fashionably adorned with both plume feather and jewels in the brim. The hair beneath his bonnet is cut short, which was a very trendy trend in men's hair that went from long and usually curly in previous ages to short, then shorter and either straight or curly in the Renaissance.

His clothes are a fashionable black and festooned with gold thread (thread spun from the precious metal, gold) embroidery and jewels. Color and decoration were both Spanish in origin.

Paning (paned clothes) is a little different from the variation shown here. Paned clothes are first slashed to reveal a contrasting fabric and color beneath then the under-fabric is tugged out the slash a bit to create a puffy, shape altering (German innovation) puckering decoratively spaced about the garment. His "pumpkin pants," puffed in their own right, are constructed of two fabrics, with one overlaying the other and with one puckered while the other is smooth. His pants have smooth gold jacquard silk in box pleats overlaid with puckered silk to create a striped fabric. The sleeves of his camica (shirt) are puckered in the reverse pattern with flat ribbon overlaying puckered silk.

He still prefers wearing long hosen from the Medieval period but this is offset by his fashionable short circular cape that is as heavily embroidered with gold and as bejeweled as his jerkin with bases (skirting) extending over his puckered pumpkin pants.