Identify the degenerative communication spiral found in Fireproof.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fireproof depicts the degenerative communication spiral as existing between Caleb and Catherine because they have not found anything substantive to root their communication process.  Both husband and wife experience a communication that is degenerating, withering away under the searing heat caused by a lack of focus and guidance.  She considers him selfish, driven by his own needs, and spiritually unfaithful with his perceived addiction to internet porn.  He feels that she devalues him and refuses to acknowledge his own worthiness in the world.  Both of them are experiencing a spiral of degenerative communication because of their operating from different points of reference.  She takes refuge in straying outside of their marriage as a result of the degenerative spiraling breakdown in communication.  

When Caleb undertakes the "love dare," it becomes a means of stopping the downward spiral of communication.  The lack of focus is replaced with a condition of focus as provided by a faith in Christianity.  This purpose driven existence is what replaces the degenerative condition of communication with an ascent to that which is perceived as meaningful and worthwhile.  It is the dare to love openly and with a sense of transcendence that enables Caleb and Catherine to stop the spiral of degenerative communication.