Identify the communication climate in an important relationship in your life. What are the spiral effect of behaviors. Discuss the negative behaviors that people with whom you interact with use

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In my agency there is a public computer space that many people use frequently.  One client has a bad habit of always trying to have the last word and answering for other people.  So he gets into arguments over trivial things and ends up apologizing, but also over-explaining why he said what, etc.  His interactions often spiral into an endless argument of what he was "trying" to say or do when the other person has gotten fed up with his interference.

We have reminded Client X on many occasions that he needs to let people do their jobs and others have personal conversations without him.  I usually just have to look at him or say his name and he knows to shut up.  But with others, he just keeps going on and on and never ends the explanation of how he was just trying to help.  Then everyone is mad at him.

Here's how it so often happens.  Person comes in and asks a question of the volunteer at the desk.  Client X opens his mouth and answers the question first.  Client X's answer was wrong.   Volunteer tries to explain the right answer to the person who asked, but Client X is busy trying to explain what he meant and his loud voice is overriding the volunteer.  Staff comes out to ask Client X to let the volunteer do their job; Client X then starts explaining all over again to the staff member, and it just doesn't stop.

Client X also has the bad habit of listening to and then joining in on other people's conversations even when he's not wanted.  The same irritating situation ends up happening when he's asked to keep to his own business and let others have their private conversation.  This is in a space where it's difficult to have a totally private or personal conversation but most people just mind their own business and let friends talk to each other without needing to join a personal conversation. 

This has gone on for several years.  We have pointed out to Client X that this is part of why he cannot keep a job.  When it's time to lay employees off, they're going to choose someone who is disruptive to the work place and this type of behavior is disruptive.

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