Identify the character who is the moral compass of All My Sons. If we accept that the literary definition for a character who is labeled a moral compass of a work is the character who offers inspiration and instructions on good versus bad and right versus wrong, then we can use this to select a character from the play who is the moral guiding force in the story.

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First, it should be noted that not all literary works have a character who is a “moral compass”. This method of constructing a work is only needed (1) if the author is attempting to promulgate a particular and strong moral viewpoint and (2) the work (which would include the vast majority of dramas – with the notable exception of Greek comedies constructed with a parabasis) does not have a third person or intrusive narrator.

Chris Keller in a sense stands for the moral viewpoint of the play. He himself is moral and honourable but ill-informed.  He shows the ability to change stances towards particular moral issues on the basis of consistent principles rather than changing his principles to accommodate situations. He is also the character who demonstrates the greatest moral growth during the play, and does not attempt to rationalize away inconvenient truths once their truth is demonstrated.

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