Identify at least several important formal norms in Jonas’s society, and analyze the function of each. How would you characterize the various types of sanctions used to enforce obedience?

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One formal norm in Jonas's society is the family. People's families are chosen for them. They don't choose a spouse or make decisions based on romance. This means that people are less passionate and not as inclined to follow their desires to dangerous ends. It also promotes healthy family units that help keep society together. After the children are raised, the family unit is disbanded.

Another formal norm is that children are born outside of normal sexual intercourse. They're created and then cared for in centers until they're one year old. This helps create a distance between the eventual caregivers and the children they raise. It's another way for society to remove emotion from the family and be sure that people act with logic and follow the rules they have set up.

Another formal norm is a career. Everyone contributes something to society. Everyone works together for the betterment of all. This means that the things which need to be done are done. People are given jobs that they're suited for.

To keep people behaving in the way the leaders of society desire, they make people less emotional and give citizens little privacy. People are required to talk about their dreams and feelings each day. They take pills that help dull emotion. They know that if they break the rules three times or violate a large rule they will be released and never seen again.

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