Identify at least one episode in the text where women perpetuate power dynamics that are unjust and cruel.

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The physical qualities of the power that the skein imparts to the women have both defensive and offensive applications. Sexual crimes are particularly likely to generate retaliation of similar kinds of attacks. An example is offered when three women gang rape Ricky. The desire for revenge becomes overwhelming for some characters who have been denigrated, discriminated against, or abused. Allie’s decision to murder, not just injure, her abusive foster father is one such incident. Roxy kills Newland, the hitman whom her father hired to kill her mother.

One problem the skein brings is the difficulty of controlling the power, especially for girls. Jocelyn disregards the intensity of her power, and allows herself to be goaded into displaying its full force. As a result, she kills the intruder into the NorthStar camp; the ensuing lie and cover-up make her a hero.

The power of collective, unrestrained action is shown in the disintegration of the state in Saudi Arabia. As the women take to the streets, they throw caution to the winds. While the first attacks that the women initiative against men were retribution for prior abuses or to forestall imminent attacks, the mob mentality takes over and the protest turn to riots.

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