Identify the appropriate steps in the communication process.

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boomer-sooner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The communication process is a cyclical process continually repeating until any of the steps in the process degrades to the point of destroying the communication link. To categorize the appropriate step in the process it is best to start with identifying the steps leading up to the current situation.

There are five steps to the communication process.

Creation is the first step. The creator must determine the message and the optimal method for transmitting the message to the desired recipient.
Transmission is distributing the created message to the recipient usually in writing or orally. Artistic transmission of ideas is one of the cornerstones of the art culture.
Reception changes the onus of communication from the creator to the recipient. The recipient must obtain the message.
Translation is the step where the recipient decodes the content and categorizes the information received into useful data.
Response is the final step of the process and sets off the beginning of the next communication process. Responses fall into two categories. They may be simple acknowledgements of the communications (true response). It can also be a decision to continue the communication process, thus beginning the cycle again (cyclic response).

Mr. Algazi, from the supplied example, has demonstrated a response in the communication cycle. His response has triggered a new message which the client must now receive and translate to continue meaningful dialogue. The question can have more than one correct answer (there are at least three), but based on the phrasing of the question I believe Mr. Algazi is in the response step.

(Going a little further with the idea, Mr. Algazi is also in the process of transmitting a new message to the client. The client now has the onus of receiving the communication.)