Identify any specifically regional, cross-cultural or cross-national influences apparent in the styles shown in this portrait from the Italian Renaissance era.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The woman shows the influence of Northern and Western Europe, e.g., Germany, because of her headdress, which is a coif and a couvrechef. The coif is the forehead covering cap and the couvrechef is the simple veil that tops it. It is interesting to note that her headdress and other clothing reflect the fashion of the Medieval period that preceded the Renaissance. Therefore, this painting is from early on in the Renaissance, probably before 1450.

The dark clothing colors reflect the influence of Italian fashion. While the simplicity of the Northern mother's headdress and high-waisted kirtle (outer gown or robe), both from Medieval fashion, reflects modest wealth, the fine gauze-like quality of her coif reflects elegance and luxury. The black drapes by the sitting boy and next to the mother indicate prized possessions influenced by Spanish black dyes.

The boys are wearing tunics that are so short as to reflect the French Renaissance style (that shocked other peoples for its revealing shortness) of fashionable men's wear. All except for the standing boy are in dark Renaissance colors.