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Identify and explain relevant articles of Perpetual Peace that, if implemented today, would radically change the US-American politics of warfare as we are seeing them now?

Immanuel Kant in 1795 published Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch. In this philosophical treatise, Kant proposed three articles to prevent war and provide citizens with perpetual peace.

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The three articles for Perpetual Peace read, "The Civil Constitution of Every State Should be Republican, The Law of Nations Shall be Founded on a Federation of Free States, and The Law of World Citizenship Shall Be Limited to Conditions of Universal Hospitality (Kant, 1795)." Kant's thesis's premise is peace is only attainable when a formal institution such as a government initiates and maintains the state of peace. The government must consist of free individuals in a republic form guided by a civil constitution. Keep in mind Kant was writing in the age when monarchies ruled Europe. Kant contrasts the desire of monarchies to institute hostilities against other monarchies with the contra-desire of free humans to avoid conflict and war. The state is continuously in a mode of high alert to go to war, whereas a republic requires the consent of the majority who carefully weigh the personal cost of war as too high.

As to which Article, if implemented, changes the American politics of...

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