Identify and describe three characters from The Book of Lamentations.

Three of the central characters in The Book of Lamentations are Catalina Diaz Puilja, a Mayan prophet; Leonardo Cifuentes, a Latino landowner; and Fernando Ulloa, a government officer.

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In The Book of Lamentations, Rosario Castellanos describes a fictional uprising in the Mexican state of Chiapas in the 1930s, based on real events from the rebellions of 1712 and 1868. Three of the major characters are as follows:

Catalina Diaz Puilja is a Mayan ilol or prophet. Catalina is one of the Mayan leaders and instigates a rebellion when she begins a religious cult that is centered around three stone idols. She has always looked old, and she was already dry and withered in...

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