Lord of the Flies Questions and Answers
by William Golding

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Identify and characterise the spaces (both macro and micro spaces) in the novel. How do they change when the boys appear on the island?

On a macro level, the coming of the boys mars the pristine beauty of the island, culminating in the destruction wrought by an enormous fire. On a micro level, important spaces include the mountaintop, the beach, Castle Rock, and the jungle, all spaces that are damaged by the intrusion of humans.

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In a macro sense, the boys' appearance on the island mars the pristine beauty of the unspoiled landscape. The crashed plane makes a "scar." The boys light fires, kill pigs, and finally devastate the landscape with a huge forest fire.

More specific spaces on the island include the mountaintop, the place of highest reason from which Ralph, Simon, and Jack initially become oriented to their whereabouts and situation. It is where the fire is first kept. It represents civilization. However, when the boys become convinced...

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