Identify an important local, national, or international problem that needs to be solved

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The problem of poverty needs to be solved. When people are struggling to meet their basic needs, all of their human creativity, intelligence and energy is put in that direction. That leaves little remaining for other pursuits. People need to be able to provide for their material well being, and there should be some time and energy remaining for more meaningful pursuits. 

The deplorable state of many countries' economic situations are frightening. And, the threats of economic collapse for these countries, now with a global economy, is of concern to the entire world.  Here in the U.S. cities are going bankrupt, states are not solvent. This "Great Recession" is worrisome, indieed as 49% of the population pays no taxes while the other 51% must support the government that provides for them. 

I feel like a large problem which still faces our world is racism. People still hold age old beliefs about those different from them culturally and racially. Stereotypes "help" to keep ideas about...

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