In regards to The Kite Runner, identify an example in our culture that explains romance and its effects?

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I'm not sure if this example in any way reflects the romantic coupling of the characters in The Kite Runner, but a good example of a romance that proved costly (at least in terms of power and rank) would be the marriage of King Edward VIII of England. Edward succeeded his father, King George V, to the throne of the British Empire in January 1936. Before the year was over, however, he decided to abdicate because he had fallen in love with an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. He was informed that the Church of England would not accept an arrangement that allowed a divorced woman to become Queen of England. Edward tried to maneuver a compromise in which his wife would not be officially designated the Queen, but this was also rejected by the Church. So, Edward did what no other British ruler had ever done: He gave up the thrown so he could marry the woman he loved. Although the arrangement was predicted to be highly unpopular to the English people, Edward's decision has come to be considered one of the most romantic sacrifices in history. Edward was succeeded by his brother, Prince Albert, who became King George VI (father of the present Queen Elizabeth), and Edward reverted to the role of Prince, the Duke of Windsor.

Edward and his bride moved to France, where they lived out most of their lives. He served a term as Governor of The Bahamas, and despite some bad press concerning his favorable attitudes toward Nazi Germany, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor became worldwide celebrities. Their romance and marriage endured, and they became one of the most recognizable couples of the 20th century. Edward died in 1972, and Wallis died in 1986.

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