Identify an Example of mimicry in the novel. Explain this phenomenon. What does it have for effect? Can you identify mockery? Explain.

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Mimicry is present in numerous places and applies to numerous characters in Tracks. It is clearly seen in Pauline. Mockery is associated with Nanapush.

The concept of “mimicry” is a preeminent feature of colonialist literature, as expressed by Homi Bhabha in his essay on “the ambivalence of colonial discourse.” Building on the epigraph he borrows from Jacques Lacan comparing mimicry to the technique of camouflage in warfare, Bhabha explores ways that colonized subjects take on characteristics of the colonizers. They neither become the colonizers nor overtly mock them, but they often exaggerate selected characteristics, both internal and external. The colonizer subject, rather than exactly reproduced, is thus “almost the same, but not the same.” In mockery, however, the colonized subject makes fun of the colonizer; their overt actions are more obviously threatening to the colonial...

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