Identify a consistent issue or theme in all three of Hala Alyan's poems "Oklahoma", "Honeymoon", "Meals." 

A consistent theme is the three Hala Alyan poems “Oklahoma,” “Honeymoon,” and “Meals” is the idea of community and the cultural identity that comes from it.

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In “Oklahoma” and “Honeymoon,” the speaker feels an absence of community that stems from her cultural identity. In both poems, the speaker feels isolated and like an "other."

In “Oklahoma,” which seems to be a reflection on the author’s childhood, the speaker alludes to several identities, including “Cherokee,” “white men,” “brown women,” and “Mexican.” However, the speaker does not feel like she is a part of any of these groups. She says that “Heaven is a long weekend” where she does not have to go to school, a place where she feels isolated from the other children. Instead, she only feels a sense of community with her...

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