Identify 3 examples of the pressure for democratic change Americans used to condition their own lives after claiming independance.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that this is a very interesting topic.  After declaring independence and receiving independence, Americans did not become a shrinking violet and revert to a position to where democracy was not actively sought or for which it was not fought.  The Articles of Confederation, the nation's first Constitution, can be seen as a step towards the advancement of democratic ideals and principles.  Each state adopted its own bill of rights, where entitlements such as voting rights and individual freedom of expression could be seen.  One can find the calls for democratic change in movements such as Shays' Rebellion, a protest turned violent and led by Daniel Shays regarding government ineffectiveness in dealing with the mounting economic crisis.  The demands for change on a democratic level culminated in the Constitutional Convention and the drafting of a new Constitution that outlined procedures and processes to make sure that democratic change would become firmly embedded in American institutional frameworks and practices.  If we were looking for things that Americans did during the war itself, I would point to the expansion of voice and enfranchisement through organizations such as the Committee of Correspondence, as well as the First and Second Continental Congress.  These organizations sought to enhance democratic based reform and government that aided the goal of independence for the nation and a pledge to honor democratic principles.