by Marissa Meyer

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Identify 25 literary elements found in Cinder.

Some literary elements found in Cinder are dialogue, setting, and conflict.

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Let me start by giving a working definition of literary elements. Literary elements are included under the larger category of literary devices. Literary devices are structures that writers use to convey their message to readers. Literary devices can then be separated into two main categories. There are literary elements, and there are literary techniques.

This question is asking about literary elements, and literary elements are essentially unavoidable parts of a literary work. Literary techniques enhance the overall work, but are avoidable and include things like metaphor, simile, hyperbole, etc. Literary elements include things like plot, character, setting, conflict, dialogue, and narrative point of view. Cinder includes all of those elements. The story is a retelling of Cinderella, so author Marissa Meyer had to decide how the story would be told. Would the story be told from Cinder's perspective, or would an outside narrator inform readers about what is happening? Meyer chose to use a third-person omniscient narrator, and the work includes lengthy dialogue sections between Cinder, her robot friend, and her evil family members. The story is set in the future in New Beijing, Eastern Commonwealth. Meyer chose to intricately create a setting that blurs the line between having the story be in a fantasy location and a real Earth location. The story also has conflict between Cinder and her evil family members, but the story also explores conflict between people, cyborgs, and robots in addition to the conflict between the people of Earth and Luna.

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