Identified 4 characteristics of highly motivational teams and personally relate the most important.

Expert Answers
coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Highly motivational teams are often made up of individulas who share similar characteristics. These people are often competitive, they want to do well and be the best and they are ambitious in achieving that trarget. However they are also good team players, able to communicate effectively, listen assertively and share with colleagues. To see the benefits of this strategy , they have to be highly intelligent and visionary - they can see the benefits for the whole team as well as themselves individually a long way down the road.

Groups such as these can identify an objective and work to it together. They can identify and maximise the strengths of individuals in order to put them to work efficiently for the whole group. They can praise and motivate because of this and keep morale high. They are often able to rise above petty grievances and injustices, seeing that fast work is good for the whole group, and complaints and grudges slow progress. Individuals are good listeners and able to take on new information and instructions quickly. They are good observers and recorders, able to report back quickly and effectively on their progress, and they are also creative seeing hurdles as interesting challenges. Most of all, they enjoy pulling together.