Identify one thing about Charles through direct characterization and one thing through indirect characterization?

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The major types of direct characterization include narration and description.  With this in mind, you'll want to think of how you learn about Charles by what Kelley (the author) tells you, rather than what the character does or says in the book.  Examples of direct characterization used to describe Charles would be that he is a doctor (description), he attended medical school in Nashville (narration), or that he is a father (description/narration). 

Secondly, recall that indirect characterization refers to the way an author describes characters through what the characters themselves do (actions) or say (dialogue) throughout the story.  An example of indirect characterization in this story would be that Charles is a very jealous person, seen through his anger that GL (a younger, more foolish brother) received more attention from his mother than he did. 

You might also check out the eNotes section on this story.

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As a matter of fact, GL is the older brother "Chig's father had mentioned driving down that GL was about five years older that he was, nearly fifty."

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