Ideas for a Oral Presentation on "Two Soldiers." I'm having problem with choosing a topic. Can anyone help me think of a topic that is related to Pete's character? or any other choices ?  

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Without knowing the parameters of your assignment, I can really only offer suggestions for topics that you can discuss in either a Power Point presentation or an essay:

1. Look at the unnamed narrator of the story, Pete’s little brother. What effect does Faulkner achieve by using the country dialect of the little boy? How would the story be different if told from someone else’s point – of – view?

2. Write a character analysis of either Pete or the unnamed narrator. In your analysis, focus on the boys’ personalities and motivation (why they do what they do) as opposed to just giving a plot summary or physical description.

3. What is the significance of the title? In what why is the title literally true? In what ways is the title ironic?

I hope that helps.