Ideas for an argumentative essay on The Great Gatsby? I need to write an argumentative essay on what the great gatsby is really about, just need a few ideas because im a little stuck!

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You may wish to approach a theme of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby such as the illusionary quality of the American Dream and discuss the illusions of Jac Gatsby as well as the illusionary qualities of other characters along with the settings of West Egg and East Egg. 

Or, with another approach, you may wish to examine how Fitzgerald satires the nouveau riche in his tableau of the Jazz Age.  In doing this, you will want to consider such characters as Meyer Wolfscheim who point to the hypocrisy of Jay Gatsby's (as one of the nouveau riche) pretense of social status.

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First you need an argument. What does the book mean to you? It's ok to have an original interpretation. You can have any idea as long as you support it with evidence from the book. The evidence is the key to the argument. Support your argument.