What does the Giver's message help us understand about pain?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a great question. One of the main themes of The Giver is that pain is a part of life, and it’s unavoidable. Although pain is difficult, it is part of feeling. If we don’t feel pain, we can’t feel joy. If The Giver makes anything clear, it is that it’s not worth it. Life is full of passion, both in terms of love or happiness and sadness or fear. As much as we might want to avoid painful memories, or physical pain like from a cut, if the tradeoff is feeling nothing at all then pain is the price we have to pay to live.


andiefish | Student

The book The Giver teaches us that with out pain there is no pleasure.  The Giver wanted to take all the pain away from everyone else so he kept all their memories of the past. This meant that the people couldn't remember how bad it used to be and now be glad about how good things are.

The society gave up their memory so that they could not remember the pain they had suffered.  This also meant that the people would not want to do things to cause pain to other since they could not remember the things that would make them want to fight with each other.

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