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Did the idea of Manifest Destiny play a part in the US's decision to expand to other parts of the world?

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The notion of Manifest Destiny indeed played a key role in the United States' expansionist efforts.

One of the key turning points in American foreign policy was the Spanish-American War. Important political figures such as Teddy Roosevelt encouraged intervention in an ongoing Cuban revolution. Roosevelt argued that a successful revolution would give Spain a significant military advantage over the United States with Cuba as a nearby ally. 

Roosevelt used American philosophical ideals as key motivators for this intervention. Manifest destiny and the need to protect and support democracy were both cited as rationale for intervention. A pro-Spanish Cuba was seen as a potential threat to the manifest destiny Americans exercised over the continent of North America. 

In addition, yellow journalists such as William Randolph Hearst played upon these same American philosophies. In the end, intervention was approved and ushered in a new era of American invention on the behalf of key territorial interests abroad. 

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