I'd like to know the biography of O Henry. I like his stories.

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You have presented an excellent reason for wanting to find out a little more about O Henry - because you like his stories. You will be interested to know that he gained very little formal education. He was born in 1862 in North carolina (Greensboro.) The poor boy lost his mom to TB when he was only a toddler - his father was a doctor but presumably could do nothing to save her from this fatal disease. His grandma on his dad's side brought him up, along with an aunt. His real name was William, second name Sydney,Porter. His aunt ran a school so he naturally went there and then on to High School, but left young at fifteen. However, this didn't have as negative effect as it might have had because he loved to read. After this, he took a whole string of jobs, the first being,very boringly, a book-keeper. However these jobs were great rich material for his stories (pharmacist, bank teller,ranch hand and draftsman.) His life took a sad turn as his wife died, he was imprisoned and endured alcohol abuse and liver disease. However, it was in prison that he first became famous for his (great) stories. Read more about this here:

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